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One of the benefits of having a French boyfriend includes I get to try and work with food companies he grew up eating. Today I am so thrilled to be working with the French Food and Drink Federation to review this delicious box of french goodies, which concatenates some of the best fall treats from France.

Everything came in this large box, and I was so thrilled to open it. There are six items in the goodie box, Elixia lemonade, Carambar & Co. Caramel candies, ANIS DE FLAVIGN’s mints, Hénaff’s Premium & Traditional French Pork Pâté and Les Mouettes d’Arvor Sardines in extra virgin olive oil.

My favorite is hands down the lemonade, the crisp and refreshing flavor and perfect amount of tartness and sweetness had my almost chugging the entire bottle before I could share it with my boyfriend. The caramel candies are chewy, sweet, and scream for a perfect snack during the movies. 

I took the mints with me in my purse, and now it is my goto mint for my daily commute, I love the hard shell and sweetness of them, making them have long lasting taste in my mouth.

The Favols jar of apricot almond and orange patisserie is what I use for the cheese breads, the perfect spread, and balance of sweet and savoriness was everything you want in a flavorful jam. 


As for the pate, I have always been a huge fan. And I am so glad this one tops the wholefoods pate, and has become my new favorite. I love eating it with some freshly baked baguette.

Last but not least, my boyfriend screamed when he found these in the box. They are tender, savory, and accompany so well with the help of a glass of wine. Although I have never been to Europe, I am grateful to have this box to educate me and give me a cultural lesson of its food. If you are interested in trying them out, you can find them in the links below:













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